AgFacadesign (AgFd) started in 2009.

With the unique “hybrid” expertise in Architecture, glass (and sustainable “green” ) technologies, façade systems and design, AgFd’s aims to:

  1. Integrate different (but related) expertise and services into the design for new projects
  2. Achieve optimum efficiency through envelope design in response to overall architectural concept to the fine details through out the process.
  3. Provide a timeless “A”rchitectural delight achieved economically….ie “no styles”
  4. Transform existing building by technically and aesthetically enhancing the facades with functional needs to create “value” results.

AgFd also provide consultancy works in Façade, Glass and unique 3D Green-wall façade designs.

For other services, AgFd will collaborate with equally competent professionals to achieve and deliver results that meets or exceeds expectations.

About Us