AgFd provides the following professional Consultancy services:

  1. Architectural - from site planning to design concept to completion
  2. Glass - from advise on usage to structural glass design meeting technical needs and compliances
  3. "Green" Sustainability - using "passive" design techniques from first principles integrating with available systems and methods
  4. Façade - from typical curtain wall systems, structural glass to "special designs" or any combination.
  5. Design - Integrated design service merging seamlessly architectural, glass/green technologies and facade systems providing a unique and value add product.
  6. Investigations - of architectural, glass or façade design, performance or issues before, during or after completion.
  7. Related Services:
    • Façade Engineering & PE Services
    • Environmental Sustainability Design (ESD)
    • Project Management
    • Photography & 3D Animation
  8. Design & Build Services
    • "3D Green-wall" & Landscape Design
    • Interior Design
    • Graphics and Logo designs
    • Product Designs

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